Martin the Wife Martin DMX Tester

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Martin the Wife Martin DMX Tester
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The Wife is a sophisticated DMX and MIDI analyser, yet remarkably compact and simple to operate. More than just an excellent faultfinder, the Wife provides all the features regularly required by stage technicians.

The Martin Wife.

If there’s a fault, she’ll find it.

As a small hand-held DMX 512 receiver and transmitter, the Wife can operate as a Moving Lamp tester, a Flicker Finder or as a Rigger's Remote. It is powered by an internal rechargeable battery with a normal life of 25 hours, and uses a high brightness backlit LCD screen.

Simple Operation

The Wife could hardly be simpler to operate. Users who are familiar with either DMX 512 or MIDI find that a quick scan of the manual is enough to get started. Switch on, and the Wife immediately begins to display received DMX512. Two key presses are all that is required to start flashing through the rig.

Comprehensive fixture library

The built-in fixture personality library can test all the attributes of over 200 lamps. Up to 36 channel attributes can be tested, and the fixture library can be edited and customised.

Flash Memory

Also available are 12 preset memories, which contain individual level settings for all 512 channels. Presets can be programmed with pre-defined patterns, by adjusting individual channels or by capturing received data. All data is held in flash memory, so that your preferred settings are always kept intact.

Auto Backup

The Auto-Backup feature allows the Wife to be connected in-line between a lighting desk and dimmers. The Wife monitors received DMX512 and, should the signal fail, switches one of the 12 Presets to the output. When the backup mode is triggered, the user can snap between presets.

Helps prolong lamp life

The Wife is also equipped with a Dark Level feature that allows the channels normally at zero in the ‘Rig Check’ or ‘Transmit Dynamic’ modes to be set to a level. This is effectively a pre-heat function and can significantly improve lamp life, as the lamp filaments are kept warm during rig check.

Power Save Option

There is also a handy Power Save option that can also be disabled to allow the Wife to transmit continuously. This is particularly useful when being used as a battery powered DMX buffer.


The Wife DMX Tester also comes with a nice protective pouch and a set of 5 pin / 3 pin converters.

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  • Receives DMX512 and MIDI
  • Data display as bar chart, decimal, percentage or hexadecimal
  • Display update rate, number of channels, Break and MaB time
  • Generate DMX512 or re-transmit buffered DMX512 or MIDI
  • Twelve full level memories with snapshot
  • Automatic Moving Lamp test
  • Auto-backup with Memory transmitted if console fails
  • Comprehensive Fixture Library
  • Flicker Finder
  • Hex Calculator
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