JEM remote tbv 24/7 + Magnum Hazer

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JEM remote tbv 24/7 + Magnum Hazer
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The Digital Remote Controller gives you access to all the features you have on the the ZR24/7 Hazer and the Magnum Hazer by using the on-board controls. On top of this, the controller has two buttons that allow you to either enable or disable the Output or the Timer by the press of a button.

Plug the unit into one of the hazers and it automatically detects which machine you are controlling. Both machines are already set up for this controller, and therefore there is no need to upload new and/or additional software. It’s all plug-and-play!

The unit is built into a rugged metal case, with protective rubber sides. With the controller comes a 5-meter XLR cable. The maximum recommended cable length is 25 meters.


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  • JEM ZR24/7
  • Martin Magnum Hazer
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