GLP showdesigner SD-1 PRO

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GLP showdesigner SD-1 PRO
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The Show Designer 1 Pro is a new controller based on the approved Show Designer 1.

The difference is the new jogwheel and for Pan/Tilt control the integrated joystick.

The Show Designer 1 Pro combines direct and uncomplicated programming with a high level operation, and all this for a reasonable price. Up to 16 scanners or moving lights with 32 channels can be easily programmed by 8 faders in 4 banks. With user specific subroutines it is easily possible to control up to 64 units with 8 channels each or 128 units with 4 channels. Compared to most other small control desks, Show Designer 1 Pro can handle the complete range of 512 DMX-channels.

1024 scenes, 256 chases and 256 shows can be created easily by the faders, the new jogwheel and the joystick. Connect the SD 1 to a PC for software updates or backups. Excellent design, compact construction (3 HE) and an ergonomic 45° sloped panel for table usage complete the feature list.


Gewicht en afmetingen inclusief verpakking

Gewicht (incl. verpakking): 8,0 kg
Afmeting (incl. verpakking): nog niet bekend


  • DMX 512 channels
  • Pan/Tilt control via joystick
  • Programming of all functions via fader and jogwheel
  • 1024 Scenes, 256 Chaser, 256 Shows
  • All functions MIDI controlled
  • Audio-control and beat switch
  • Fade and Chase time to feed in scenes and program steps
  • Updates and backup via PC
  • Outlet for mouse and trackball for Pan/Tilt
  • Weight: 3,6kg
  • Dimension: 19” / 3HE / 115mm depth
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