GLP Scan Operator 12 PT Advanced (OP=OP)

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GLP Scan Operator 12 PT Advanced (OP=OP)
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Like the Scan Operator 12 Advanced, the Scan Operator 12 PT Advanced is also based on the concept of well known and reliable hardware compared with a brand new software. Thus Scan Operator 12 PT Advanced offers all features of the Scan Operator 12 Advanced compared with some additional new features and completes the Scan Operator Range. It offers easy access to the Pan/Tilt function of every Scanner via Jog Wheels. Any channel can be inverted and the intensive use of the LCD Display offers great readability especially for beginners. A further highlight is the programming of 6 selective overlays that can vary any running program or chaser.

A great deal for any Scan Operator 12 PT you own

We offer updates to the new Advanced generation for any owned Scan Operator 12 PT. Installation requires replacing the internal CPU by an advanced version.


Gewicht en afmetingen inclusief verpakking

Gewicht (incl. verpakking): 3,5 kg
Afmeting (incl. verpakking): nog niet bekend


  • 192 DMX channels
  • 12 movinglights of 16 DMX channels each
  • 30 banks of 8 programmable scenes
  • 6 chases of 250 programmed scenes from 30 banks
  • 2 assignable Pan/Tilt Encoder Wheels
  • 6 selective Overlays
  • Program Speed and Fadetime adjustable
  • Playback with Auto/Audio/Tapsync and Fadetime
  • Midi Control of all Replay Functions: Banks, Chaser, Overlays, Blackout Master, Freeze, Auto, Music, Tapsync, Speed and Fadetime
  • Fade Time for each channel assignable
  • Blackout Master for each channel configurable
  • Built in, adjustable Microphone
  • Freeze function
  • Easy mode for easy Stand Alone operation
  • Manual Override of DMX Channels
  • All data can be transferred between 2 units (compatible with Scan Operator 12 and Scan Operator 12 PT Advanced)
  • 8 faders for direct DMX control
  • 2x8 LCD Display
  • Power failure memory
  • Power input DC 9V – 12 V, 300mA min.
  • Dimensions: 19” , 3HE
  • Weight 2,8 kg
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