GLP DMX Magic Link

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GLP DMX Magic Link
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A sensation. With its patented DMX Magic link GLP offers a quick, reliable and easy solution to control any DMX Device via a powerline connection.A new sensation from GLP. With the patented DMX magic Link GLP has developed a new system to control DMX fixtures without a need for a direct DMX – cable connection from the controller to the fixtures. All you need is just the existing mains line and two DMX magic Link units.The DMX magic Link transmits a DMX-signal via the mains. To achieve real-time controlling of the fixtures, the DMX signal will be very highly compressed by a new developed method. A DMX magic Link unit recognizes on its own, if it is a transmitter or a receiver.The origin DMX-signal and the mains line will be permanently monitored from the system. One mains phase is qualified to transmit 3 different DMX magic Link signal-lines. The number of DMX channels which will be transmitted and the start-address has to be adjusted at the transmitter. The system is able to transmit up to 256 DMX channels. The fewer channels to be transmitted, the faster will be the refresh and reaction time, of course. Additional, the receiver unit is able to make a softpatch. If you want to operate on different mains phases you additionally need the DMX magic Phase. A short latency time should be acceptable in the application. So, it is very suitable for smaller clubs and smaller events or just for fixtures which cannot easily connected to the conventional DMX circle. For example it is especially to solve problems in architectural applications, if one has mains but no chance to take a conventional DMX-line.


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  • The patented compression method allows transmitting of 256 DMX channel with only 1200 baud.
  • 2 units are needed: one to transmit and one to receive. You can operate with up to 3 different transmitters (drive 3 different lines) in one mains phase.
  • 230V 50/60Hz; 3 Watt
  • XLR 3pin In/Out
  • 2 X M10 drill holes for mounting
  • Size: 185 x 80 x 43 mm
  • Weight: 0,6 kg
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