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TC Helicon firmware update voor VoiceLive Touch en VoiceLive 2

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  • TC Helicon firmware update voor VoiceLive Touch en VoiceLive 2

    TC Helicon heeft een firmware update uitgebracht voor de VoiceLive Touch en de VoiceLive 2.

    OfficiŽle bericht:
    VoiceLive Touch, the ultimate stand-mountable, hands-on vocal effect and looper unit, and VoiceLive 2, the flagship, floor-based effects solution for singers, have been rocking the singing word for years. Still, even great things can be improved upon, and with this in mind, TC-Helicon decided to do a lot of listening – not a listening test, but listening to the users. A ‘share-an-idea’ page was set up on the TC-Helicon website and also users have been posting suggestions and ideas on the company’s Facebook page and via the vocal community, Voice Council.

    The update for VoiceLive Touch adds no less than 10 new features, including ‘Feedback’ and ‘Hi Cut’ controls for the delay effect, a dedicated ‘Decay’ effect parameter for the reverb and the built-in looper has been enhanced, allowing users to adjust the playback level of previously recorded loops on the spot. A full list of new VoiceLive Touch features can be found at TC-Helicon’s website.

    VoiceLive 2 Firmware v.1.5
    The VoiceLive 2 update now allows users to assign ‘Step’ or ‘Bypass’ to the control button of a TC-Helicon MP-75 microphone. In short, the MP-75 microphone features a handy Mic-Control button that can control the effects on TC-Helicon effect units. The most obvious use of this button is to switch effects on/off, but now it is also possible to go through ‘steps’ or bypass the entire unit directly from the MP-75 microphone when used with VoiceLive 2.

    Sound Great, Then Create
    Vocal effects are not a new phenomenon in any way, as singers have been using effects to improve their fundamental vocal sound for decades, but in many cases they would leave that up to a recording or live engineer to handle. The breakthrough in recent years is that performing artists have been given the power to control their own effects on the stage. Using vocal effects to improve the basic vocal sound is still relevant, of course, but having direct access to a wide array of effects also opens up a whole new world of experimenting, inspiration and not least creativity.

    World-renowned artists like Kimbra, Daniel Beddingfield, George Michael, Beardyman and Reggie Watts are among the VoiceLive Touch and VoiceLive 2 users, just to name a few. Vocal effects on the stage as well as in the studio is the way of present and future singers and the updated versions of VoiceLive Touch and VoiceLive 2 are a significant step along the road to a world where perfectly sounding and creatively inspiring vocals is commonplace.
    Specificaties VoiceLive Touch update:
    New Features:

    1. Delay Feedback – Yep, you read right. Now you can change delay feedback! Sparing you the programming details, we had to implement it via separate Left and Right Feedback parameters. What that means is that you have independent control over the amount of L+R feedback in the stereo delay. If you want single “taps” of delay, make those numbers the same. If you want multi-taps and different sounds, make the numbers different.

    2. Delay HiCut – Now you can simulate warmer/darker analog delays by adjusting this setting. Note that many of the factory presets were created with HiCut but now you can change to a new delay style and adjust it. Yay!

    3. Reverb Decay – There’s now a decay parameter in the edit menu for Reverb.

    4. Loop Level – Now you can have your loop play back at a reduced level from when you recorded it. It’s controlled via the Loop Level control in the MIX menu. The loop is always recorded at full input volume to preserve signal, so you can turn the loop back up while it’s playing.

    5. New Switch 3 Combos – Harmony, Fav-, Fav+ and Harmony, Fav +, Fav -

    Note: We’ve set things up so you move through banks in sequence as well. That means if you’re on BankA Fav5 and press Fav+, you’ll move to BankB Fav1. Essentially this gives you seamless access to all 25 Favs Moving backwards functions the same way. If you are on BankA Fav1 and press Fav-, you’ll move to BankE Fav5.

    6. Harmony Momentary Control – In Setup, you can globally change the Harmony button in any Switch3 combination to be either Latched No Key, Momentary, or Latched. Momentary allows you to hold the Harmony button for only as long as you need then release it. Latched is as it was before. Latched No Key, which is now the default, avoids going into Key Set mode if you linger a little too long on the footswitch (as does Momentary).

    Improvements:Aux, Guitar jacks Auto Sense changes – When a Guitar or Aux jack is unplugged, the level will change to OFF to prevent unnecessary system noise. When the Guitar or Aux is plugged back in, the previous levels will be recalled. OFF on unplug is not reflected in the MIX screen. You will still see the value that’s stored.Bank Select CC is now on the same MIDI channel as Program Change – Now you can use Bank Select messages to load presets above 128 and your Favorites via MIDI.Footswitch options during Key Set – For you folks who like to use Scale harmony, you can now adjust key and scale by tapping the footswitches on a Switch 3. The Pedal setting in Setup has to have at least one footswitch assigned to Harmony and the Harm Btn Mode has to be set to Latched. Holding the Harmony footswitch enters the new footswitch override mode. Once in, tapping either button 2 or 3 does the key/scale setting. You can let it timeout back to regular function or tap the Harmony button to cancel.
    CC Send added to MIDI Filter in Setup – This just means Touch won’t send any more CC messages when you press the buttons on its front panel.
    There are also a ton of smaller optimizations of the audio path too but we won’t bore you with the details…

    1. Aux volume increases during Talk.
    2. Guitar volume decreases after leaving Tuner.
    3. Unit freezes after long period of inactivity.
    4. TALK is still displayed after cancelling TALK via MIDI.
    5. Aux and USB mix volume reset after power cycle.
    6. HardTune stops or doesn’t follow Harmony after preset change.
    7. Random Freeze with MIDI devices – This was the crazy “we can’t find it” random MIDI bug.
    8. FAV(x) – Should no longer show when selecting a non-fav (factory) preset via MIDI.
    9. Fixed MIDI Clock for Tap Tempo.
    10. Sends to Delay and Reverb are muted on TALK.
    11. Presets shouldn’t mysteriously auto-advance any more.
    Download de VoiceLive Touch firmware update (1.2.00)

    Specificaties VoiceLive 2 update:
    New Features:
    Added STEP and BYPASS to Global Mic-Control options. Yay!

    When a preset is saved into a new location, the USER tag is automatically assigned in the Wizard.
    Screen should no longer flicker when changing presets.
    Mic-Control/300BPM Tap Tempo craziness should no longer occur.
    Random Freeze with MIDI devices – This was the crazy “we can’t find it” random MIDI bug.
    Fixed an issue where guitar would appear on both L/Mono and R/Dry when Output is set to Mono.
    Delay/Reverb tails should now properly stop when entering BYPASS/TUNER mode.
    Set Delay Trails default to ON. “Trails” means that delay taps and reverb decay complete when turning the effect on/off within a preset.
    Looper should now properly be output via USB.
    Aux level should no longer increase when entering BYPASS/TUNER mode.
    Harmony Hold Release now works.
    Hardtune controlled by guitar/Naturalplay now works correctly upon entering the mode.
    Harmony key defaulting to Bmaj2 when key/scale is entered manually should no longer occur. Any key/scale saved to the preset should be recalled properly when entering set key/scale. If a chord via guitar or MIDI is received shortly before entering set key/scale, that chord will over-ride the saved key/scale. This allows saved key/scale to be retained, but natural play to take precedence when you want it to. NaturalPlay must be set to SCALE for this to occur. (either globally or within the preset)
    There are also a ton of audio path optimizations too but we won’t bore you with the gory details. We’ve endeavored to make this firmware release super reliable, so you can count on your VoiceLive 2 more than ever.
    Download de VoiceLive 2 firmware update (1.5.00)
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