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  • Vestax PDX2000 te koop


    Ik verkoop mijn Vestax PDX 2000 platenspeler wegens stoppen met hobby. De platenspeler is in prima staat en ongeveer twee jaar oud. Alleen het 'lampje' is gebroken en is vast geplakt met tape (hij doet het wel). De platenspeler is alleen thuis, en zeer weinig, gebruikt. Inclusief Ortofon concorde naald en Vestax slipmat. Helaas zonder doos of aankooppapieren. Voor iedereen die bezig is met hiphop en scratchen is dit de beste draaitafel die je kunt hebben! Voor 300 euro is ie van jouw. Zie details hieronder.


    The PDX 2000 is a totally new turntable designed strictly for professional DJ's. Its high torque, quick response DC motor and heavy duty A.S.T.S. tone arm provides the best performance. *Power switch is located on the top surface. It allows DJ's to make a special "motor off" effect in quick action *The heavy duty A.S.T.S. tone arm is also newly designed for this model. Its stability and elaborateness enables non-skipping performance in any occasion.

       * 100mm +/- 10% fine pitch control fader is provided for fast and accurate beat matching.
       * +/- 50% ultra pitch control fader allows DJ's to be more creative.
       * Start & brake speed control volumes are provided for new mixing techniques.
       * Reverse button makes the platter spin backwards in one quick action.
       * Newly designed high condensed molded body provides the best acoustic sound as well as high endurance against feedback. Futuristic curved body with staring silver finish makes the PDX 2000 the turntable of the space age.
       * Newly designed DC motor creates 2.0 Kg/cm of rotation torque and super fast start and brake (within 1/6 rpm).

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    Re: Vestax PDX2000 te koop

    250 euro. In Arnhem op te halen! Wie o wie!?