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90 trance/progressive/techno/club platen te koop

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  • 90 trance/progressive/techno/club platen te koop

    hoihoi allemaal, ik stop met djen dus vandaar dat ik m'n vinyls verkoop.
    Er zitten heel wat lekkere platen bij, maar ook zat kutplaten..

    Ik zou zeggen zoek wat leuks uit, stuur me een email met wat je er voor over hebt en dan maak ik er een leuk prijsje van als het goed is.

    PIMP - Why (remember? tiesto @ godskitchen's 5th birthday?)
    Andain - Beautiful Things
    Hampshire & Nysse ft. Nikita - Eternal Voices
    Flash Brothers - Amen (Don't be afraid)
    Perpetuous Dreamer - The sound of Goodbye (robbie's fierce vocal mix and armins tribal feel mix!!)
    Klea - Tic Toc
    Tiesto Whitelabel: Madonna - die another day / Radiohead - Street spirit
    Hertz - Recreate (incl. montana edit)
    Mark Norman - Stream/Shine/Overkill intro mix
    Michel de hey - Another Sweater
    Marco V - Combinations album sampler including passive resistance and pride's paranoia
    Marco V - Automanual
    Don Diablo ft. Divided - The music and the people
    Don Diablo - Fade away (round & round)
    Don Diablo - Useless
    Sarah McLachlan - World on fire (Junkie xl mix)/ Stupid (hyper mix)
    Electroheadz - West coast Rocks
    Empyreal Sun & Elles de graaf - From dark to light
    Igor S - Airforce One
    Tiesto - Traffic
    Tiesto - Love comes again
    Tim Scott - Confusion
    Shadow Dancers - The king of snake
    Benjamin Bates - Lost myself in the way you close your eyes
    Benjamin Bates - Locked up
    Adam Sheridan - Lektrik
    E-Craig - Smoke
    Three Drives - Air traffic (with autograph of Ton TB!)
    Dj Dazzle - Radar/Clino
    Ferry Corsten - The Punk (breakz remix)
    Randy katana - One solid wave
    Plastic Boy - Live another life/Night Hawk
    Push - Journey of life
    The Gift - Love Angel
    Bram Vank - This time i rise (incl Dj Dazlle mix!)
    Cern - Baileys
    Steve Morley - Reincarnations
    Clokx - Overdrive
    Dirt Devils - Music is life
    Scarab - Vagabond
    Artic Quest - Raygun
    Mind One ft. Rena - Star for me
    Nightlife - Annihilation
    Underworld - Born slippy Nuxx (paul oakenfold 2003)
    Vincent & Quentin - Freeway
    Joop - Sonsuz
    Jon the dentist - global phases


    Kelis vs Monica - Milkshake's gone
    Futureshock - Late at night (rmxes)
    Audio Bullys - Way too long (rmxes incl. Switch mix)
    The Cure - Lovesong (rmxes)
    Origene - Sancturary (incl. harry lemon mix)
    Misstress Barbara - In da mooda da nite
    The Greek ft. stephanie vezina - Alive (4 remixes, featured on deepdish:global underground toronto)
    Kosheen - Wasting my time
    Sven Brede - Cracking Down
    Mark James - Hear me
    Dj Scandy - Split
    Pole Folder - Enter the rythm
    Autokat - Gimme the beat

    Cohen vs. Deluxe - Just Kick! (carl cox remix)
    Steve Agnello - Voices
    Remy - Bang/Scrambled
    Benjamin Bates - Whole
    Mikeal Jonasson & danny boy - Flying Pope
    Unknown artist - In Your Eyes (label: mantra)

    Drum&Base (not the real thing but very good mixable with techno or some trance)
    Prodigy - voodoo people (rmxes incl. noize mix)
    Cut&Run - Outta Space (with lyrics from prodigy - outta space)
    DMB - Bleu pill, red pill (the one you all know, with the lethal industry sound)

    Max Walder - Orbit
    Max Walder - Compressor/workstation
    TechnoV - Diskomofo/t.e.c.h.n.o.v.
    Dk - Murder wasn't the base
    Jorg Henze - hightech girl/female fighter/tellington touch/cash&carry
    Sleepwalker - Open my head
    Eric Sneo - Ciao bella
    Kay D. Smith - Battlefield Brain
    Metroline - Acetate
    Nitzer ebb - Murderous (incl. phill kieran mix)
    Dave Clarke - Red Three
    That Mucho - Don't snare @ me
    Mauro Picotto - Playing Footsie/amazing
    Unknown artist - Rip off
    Pedro Delgardo - 818 Electro EP
    Sa.vee.oh - No hacker
    Manu Kenton - Basik
    Dave Clarke - Way of life

    Monstertruck Driver - Traumschmiere (rmxes)
    Benny benassi - Able to love (incl. ruthless&vorwerk mix)

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    interesant alleen schiet weinig op als der geen email of telefoon bij staat :evil: :P


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      :lol: :lol: oeps :wink:
      m'n email is

      huh? ik heb 2 logins.. oja stom, eigen schuld naja :roll:


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        even om te bewijzen dat ik het echt ben hoor..


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          accepteer ff mn msn handeld makkelijker