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Te koop: Eventide Ultraverb

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  • Te koop: Eventide Ultraverb

    Another great one has to go.

    This is one awesome reverb plug-in...more for the freaked-out FX type reverbs but it can do it all. Many great artists have contributed to the preset library too so finding something quirky and original is always fun!

    My DAW menu is too full...I need more I'm selling some of my spaces...the irony of it all.

    I couldn't easily find a new price in Europe, discontinued here at Bax.

    New price $199
    My price €120 (close offers considered)

    If you have an iLok, its a straight forward license transfer, I'll cover the $25 fee.

    If not, apparently you don't need an iLok dongle, just an iLok account and the free iLok Manager.

    I've sent an email to Eventide asking for an alternative method for those not wishing to set up an iLok account.

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    Here is the reply from Eventide:

    "Anyone who uses our plug-ins must have an iLok account and must use the iLok License Manager application. You can transfer any of your licenses through Pace (iLok). They handle all of these transactions. I believe that they do charge a small fee."