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Pioneer Rekordbox 1.5 update

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  • Pioneer Rekordbox 1.5 update

    Goed nieuws voor gebruikers van Rekordbox, Pioneer heeft namelijk update 1.5 vrijgegeven. Dit betekent dat er nog meer uit het handige stukje software te halen is.

    Er zijn release notes vrijgegeven:
    Changes implemented since previous version

    - Now possible to adjust beat position from the middle of a track.
    - Now possible to sync beat position to in-app metronome.
    - [ReleaseDate] in the [Info] pane can now be edited.
    - Added button for creating playlists and hot cue bank lists.
    - Newly-created playlists and hot cue bank lists are now displayed at the top of the folder which contains them.
    - Now possible to toggle between the currently selected track and the currently playing track while displaying information in the [Info] pane.
    - Number of tracks which can be included in a tag list have been updated from 60 to 100.
    - When multiple tracks are selected, the total number of tracks, total disk space, and total time are now displayed in the lower status bar.
    - Track information search performance has been enhanced.
    - Performance has been improved for inserting tracks into large playlists.
    - Improved navigation performance for auto-scrolling and folder opening while dragging and dropping tracks and playlists.
    - When made visible, column now appears near position of mouse cursor.
    - USB-MIDI Control Mode is now displayed as a DJ player in the Link Status Panel.
    - Fixed issue where folders/playlists of the same name in iTunes were not displayed properly in the [Bridge] pane.
    - Reading from XML-formatted playlists is now supported.
    De update is te downloaden op de speciale Pioneer ProDJnet downloadpagina
    Bax Music medewerker