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Pioneer RMX-1000 firmware updates

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  • Pioneer RMX-1000 firmware updates

    Voor de RMX-1000, de Remixbox software en de Plug-in versie software zijn nieuwe firmware updates beschikbaar. Het is aan te raden om deze firmware update uit te voeren, aangezien er redelijk wat bugs verholpen zijn in deze nieuwe versie.

    Een officiŽel woordje;
    Ver.1.20 -> Ver.1.31 (25 July, 2012 Update)
    - BPM percent increase and decrease by pressing the [NUDGE (+, -)] button is shown in the [BPM] display on both remixbox and RMX-1000.
    - The response of some buttons of ISOLATE FX and SCENE FX has been improved.
    - Fixed issue where the volume of SPIRAL UP/DOWN (SCENE FX) got excessively loud.
    - Improved the sound when BACK SPIN (RELEASE FX) was about to disappear.
    - Fixed the issue of QUANTIZE when it was used with OVERDUB (X-PAD FX).
    - Lifted the upper limit of beats in LOOP mode when X-PAD FX is used.
    The maximum length of the sampled sound that can be stored in a BANK (Total of 4 SLOTS) stays the same at 16 seconds.
    De firmware update kun je downloaden via de Pioneer DJ support website
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