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Help me Identify this Sound/Instrument please!

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  • Help me Identify this Sound/Instrument please!

    Hi there :)

    Hope all is well. I've stumbled upon a certain sound many times and I'd love to use it in my productions, I just don't know what it is exactly. You're a hero if you can help me identify it and point out what it is exactly.

    It is the 'Harpy/Dreamy/Arpy' sound in the James Bond Soundtrack 'Moonraker' by Shirley Bassey @ 0:04 & 0:14

    You can listen a sample from it here:

    Thanks for helping me out on this :)


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    I can identify a lot of instruments very easily simply because I've been in band. Part of being in a ensemble or band is being able to identify, while you and everyone else is playing, who has the lead in a part so you don't over power them. After years of doing that, I'm able to just say BAM "that's an oboe, that'd a bassoon, that's a tenor sax" Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox etc.
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