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What specs do I need for a studio computer?

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  • What specs do I need for a studio computer?

    I am not up to date on the newest computer specs and I need to get a new studio LAPTOP PC..

    I have to have Windows 10 and I need it to smoothly run Pro Tools, FL Studio, & Adobe Audition.. I do not need it to do any super intensive video editing or gaming.. it will ONLY be used for making music.. I need it to be able to handle several VST plugins running without crackling or slowing down..

    I do save about all of my samples, sessions, mixdowns, etc. on an external hard drive.

    So what specs do I need to accomplish everything I need?

    Thanks for any help!!!
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    • Intel® i5 processor or higher
    • 4GB RAM (8GB or more recommended)
    • Minimum 1280 Horizontal Monitor Resolution
    • Internet connection for installation
    • Minimum of 15GB disk space for installation
    • A good external audio interface


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      For a beginner setup, just look for a laptop with an SSD over an HDD and a decent amount of ram. 8gb of ram should work just fine, unless you're doing pretty intense stuff.

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